Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thread the Needle Thursday

This week I've started and finished several projects. I finished Isaiah's socks a couple days before Christmas. The boys all seem to like their socks.

I made a cabled headband/ear warmer. I didn't think it would be very warm but I put it on and it's very warm. :) This was my first time doing cables. This pattern made the cables very easy and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do cables for the first time. If you were on Ravelry you could see my different knitting projects. If you are on Ravelry, I am farmgirl9412.

I am now starting on a Matinee Sweater for a baby girl. I thought I would make some baby clothes to put in my hope chest. I've only knitted three inches so far but the picture of the finished sweater looks pretty.

This past week, I've learned to tat. My Grandma tats and patiently taught me this week. Thanks Grandma! I finally got the hang of it after many knots. :) I can't wait to tat edgings and baby bonnets.


  1. Hi! How are you?

    I like your new the HTML the same? Like could I just copy/paste my HSB template HTML to Blogger's template? Just wondering, since I was thinking of moving my blog to Blogger--but I'm not sure. : )


    P. S. I'll put a link to your new blog on my blog.

  2. What great projects! May your hands be busy this new year! ;)

    Your SSA


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