Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Am Not Ashamed

There is this piece of flair on Facebook that says "I believe in God and I am not ashamed." Really think about it. Are you ashamed to say you believe in God? Even to admit it to the coolest kid in school or your boss at work.

We all say we would never deny God if we were asked if we believed in Him. What if they were threatening to kill your family if you didn't deny Him? Really think about it. What would you really do in that situation? Just something to ponder about.

Great is Thy Faithfulness


  1. Esther - This is the first time that I saw your blog. I am kinda proud of you or maybe not kinda, but really proud of you. I'll keep checking anb see what you have to say.

    Great-Aunt Carolyn

  2. Thanks Aunt Carolyn. :) That means so much.



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