Friday, January 1, 2010

A Time to Say Goodbye

2009 is gone. A time for a new beginning and a fresh start. In some ways 2009 was good, in others, bad. One of the major things for 2009, I really strengthened my relationship with God. I can start talking to Him like a friend and depending upon His strength and love. I have started homeschooling. This has been a huge blessing to me. I never realized how bad the public school was until I got out of it. People treat each other horrible and supposed friends treat each other horrible too. So many things you rather not know, you hear every day. Now, I can spend time with my family more and concentrate on things that are actually important in life. Not doing homework over things I know aren't true.

Of course it seems like we can always list off more troubles than blessings. To me, each trouble has a blessing. It may not seem like it at the time but in the end everything works out for good. This year I was sick for a couple weeks but in that time I was able to spend more time alone with my Mom and read my Bible more. There were several incidents in the family, but they have strengthened their relationships with God through there tough times. They have been able to depend upon Him much more than before. All in all, I believe 2009 was a good year after all.

To me 2010 is just another year. People wait until the new year to make changes, but I always want to make the changes soon. Why not make the change today or tomorrow instead of waiting a whole year? Start reading your Bible today, not next year. Start getting healthy today, not next year. I know today is next year so all the more to change. Tomorrow, don't wait until next year to change, start now.

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