Friday, May 21, 2010

Around Here

I am finished with school for the summer! I guess I shouldn't say the whole summer. I will probably take World History through the summer, since I didn't take it this year. The school we got our curriculum through, gave me World Geography to do (again (I took it in 6th and 7th grades at the public school)). I guess I didn't mind, since Social Studies is on of my favorite subjects.

Mom, Keith, and I went grocery shopping this afternoon. When we were checking out, it started pouring. The employees at Wal-mart were asked if they knew where their flashlights were in case the power went out. As we drove home it started storming and we could see funnel clouds. We saw cops and several vehicles with blue lights driving around watching the clouds. It was just sprinkling as we pulled up to the house, so we ran in with the groceries before it started pouring. When we got home, we turned on the radar and realized we had just driven through this red blob of storms. We went into town to drop Keith off at Grandma's, and had to drive through it again. Storms don't really bother me, they are rather comforting.

This next week it's going to be in the high 80's. Hoping it won't be extremely humid. Dad still doesn't have his crops in and I don't have the rest of the garden planted. Dad figures he has until the end of May to get the crops in. We're hoping the 80 degree weather will help get the fields and garden dry enough to plant. I went out yesterday and weeded the garlic and potatoes. The potatoes are doing much better than I expected. I thought they had died since the frost turned their leaves black. Only a couple of leaves show signs of frost. The garlic is very fragrant and I could smell it as I weeded. It will be so nice this winter to use fresh garlic and potatoes, rather than canned garlic and store bought potatoes.

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  1. Oh, I'm so happy that God kept you safe as you drove through the storm! How exciting to be growing garlics and potatoes! I hope to start a garden of my own soon. Have a blessed weekend!


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