Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Trip to Ohio

I'm sorry for not posting very often. May has been very busy for us (even though it's only the 7th).

This past weekend, Mom and I took a sort of unexpected trip to Ohio. We went to Sugarcreek in Holmes County, Ohio to visit a dear friend of Mom's that was visiting from Panama. I think the last time we saw her was 8 years ago, so this was a real treat for Mom.

On the way down to Ohio. Not the most flattering picture of me, but I love the picture of Mom.

The long road ahead as we were getting to Central Ohio. After being mostly flat in western Ohio, hills were a nice change of scenery.

Just a few of the semis we saw while driving to and from Ohio. I have such a great respect for truck drivers.

Our first stop was Columbus. It looks so grey and dirty. I wanted my clean country air back!

A sky scraper in Columbus. It was so high, a sky scraper around here is an old silo.

We met my aunt at a little French restaurant in Dublin, Ohio. This was my supper, a chicken and mushroom white sauce over spaghetti. Very yummy!

The Cheese House

Yutzy's, one of my favorite places in Plain City, Ohio.

My favorite: Diet Peach Snapple. It's what kept me going. =)

Ohio's longest covered bridge

The sunset as we were heading home

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  1. Hi Esther,
    Your trip sounds like it must have been fun. The sunset was pretty, and your supper of chicken/mushroom white sauce over spaghetti... ooh! I want some! :)

    Have a blessed day,
    ~ Tarissa


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