Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Late spring and summer are some of my favorite seasons. It's so beautiful to look around and see the new green leaves on the trees and the grass reviving from brown and dead. Though I'm not sure Keith likes that too much; he's our master lawn-mower. =)
I love the late spring and summer storms. Something about storms is so amazing to watch. I love the sound of rain on the roof while I'm laying in bed. Rainy days are so perfect for reading, piano playing, and cooking. Everyone is inside reading or playing with one another. It's so nice to have everyone inside at once.
I have my garden planted and can't wait for the first harvests of it. My potato plants and garlic have taken off and are thriving. I just planted onions, cantolope (or muskmelon), corn, and green beans. I plan to plant two rows of corn and beans two weeks apart so we aren't canning and freezing all at once. The pumpkins, I'll plant at the beginning of July so we can harvest those later. I wasn't able to get the peas in earlier, so those will go in in mid-July and we'll have a fall harvest. We've yet to get the pepper and tomato plants. I love going into the garden and eating the just ripened tomatoes, still warm from the sun. Mom is talking about getting an herb garden started, which will be nice. We already have some wild mint that we use in our sun tea. How are your gardens going?
The roses are blooming and the tiger lilies are starting to get buds on them. I enjoy the smell of flowers and when my windows in my room are opened the fragrance drifts into my room. So lovely!

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