Friday, July 9, 2010

Good Finds Friday

I've noticed several other bloggers posting some articles they really enjoyed this week, so I decided to be a copy-cat and do the same. =)

What's in a Name by Miss Tiffany-Defending just what exactly her blog name "True Femininity" means and how you don't have to look one certain way to be feminine.

{Sh!} The Singles Are Listening by Miss Jasmine-Even though I'm only (almost) 16, I've wondered about what if I am single. That thought really used to bother me, but I know God is in control of it all and if it's His plan for me to be single, I'm quite fine with that. Miss Jasmine talks about being single and a stay-at-home daughter.

Journaling for Generations by Miss Ra'chel-I've been reading through my Great-Great Grandma's journal, and I am so happy that family has passed it down for others to read. It is so interesting to hear of how she kept the house and how different things are done now. To me, when I journal, I write like I'm writing to my future generations.

Eclipse: An Ideal Romance? by Miss Jasmine-I've never been into Twilight or the whole vampires thing. An excellent article of just how dangerous these books/movies are.

How to Get Organized With Buckets by Mrs. Courtney-I love the whole bucket idea. We use small buckets to hold our pens and pencils in, but I haven't thought of using bigger buckets to organize bigger things. You can really get the whole country look by organizing with buckets =) Even decorating them with tags and ribbon to personalize them.


  1. Great links! How coincidental that I'd already read three of the articles posted above before visiting here! I'll be sure to check out the other two!

  2. I was reading other blogs after I posted this, I realized I posted some of the same links as others. =)


  3. Great links! Glad you shared them, or I probably wouldn't have read those. I especially liked reading the one about journaling... and those buckets are cute!


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