Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Remodeling and Such

Well, I wanted to post this earlier, but June and July (so far) have been quite busy for us.

As an anniversary present, Dad let Mom pick out new flooring for our kitchen and bathroom.

The tile is from our bathroom. There was originally carpet in there, but carpet in the bathroom is a really bad idea. The brown carpet was in our kitchen. Why someone would put carpet in the kitchen is beyond me! It was really gross looking.

Keith scraping up the foam from under the carpet in the kitchen.

Andrew and Isaiah scraping up foam

Plywood in our kitchen. We layed plywood down before we put the floor down.

Keith laying tile. He did the kitchen and bathroom pretty much all by himself.

Our new kitchen floor!

Our new bathroom floor!

We rushed through the flooring (which Keith did an amazing job at while Dad was baling hay) to make the house look nice, so Mom could meet her birth family. My Mom was adopted as a baby and never knew who her biological family was and every time we were in Ohio, she would go to Columbus to look at birth records to find possible leads. All they gave her was the birth mother's location and maiden name and you didn't know if that was the right person or not. We found one name the last time we were there that we both had a real good feeling about. After researching this last name, Mom found a brother on Facebook. This was in late May or early June. After contacting him, he called her and they talked for around a half hour. Her biological Dad lives in Colorado and we get to meet him at the end of July along with her youngest brother. We met her biological Mom and younger brother on Father's Day weekend. I now have 7 more boy cousins and (finally!) a girl cousin. =) This experience has been amazing and I'm so glad for my Mom.


  1. Esther, I think that is completely awesome about your mom finding her birth family! That is something that I only read about in the newspapers. (or read a fictionalized book about it) So, it's neat to actually know someone (or at least through blogging, I know you) that is going through that experience. Wow! Must be an incredible feeling.

    God Bless,
    ~ Tarissa

  2. The floors look wonderful!!!!!! Really pretty.

    That is great about your Mom finding her parents. Only God could have done that for your family.

    p.s. I like the 4th of July background.

  3. I know what you mean. It's so amazing how everything is just falling into place. My aunt's biological family didn't want to have any contact, yet Mom's just accepted her right in. I'm so glad for Mom. I've never seen her this happy.

    Thanks Hannah. The background wasn't my first choice, but I really like it now. =)



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