Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good-Bye September

I'd like to fill a treasure chest with September-
I'd take:

my Photo

the warmth of late summer sun

the brightness of marigolds

the smell of dying maple leaves
My photo

the colour of hillsides

the taste of a McIntosh apple

the thrill of finding a red ear of corn

the fun of riding in a yellow school bus

the stillness of the pumpkins
My Photo
and the security of another harvest.
My photo
I'd seal the chest carefully-and not peek
'Til the coldest day in January.
~Shirley Adwena Harvey~

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  1. Oh Esther, I love it! Beautiful!!!


  2. Okay, your photos have captured me. Now I've got to follow you to see more! :)

  3. This poem is great. It is one my grandmother wrote. She has passed on in about 2007 but it is neat to find poems and little treasures of hers that still exist. Thomas Harvey


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