Monday, November 8, 2010

The Mark of Love Review and Giveaway

Giveaway at the end =)

BareFoot Days
Designed by Hunter Harrison this bracelet is most definitely unique.  Made to look like the one of the five
wounds  from the nails that pierced and killed Jesus, this bracelet is bound to bring questions from others.    A great conversation starter to witness to others.With the words "REMEMBER" on one side and "LOVE" on the other, it is a wonderful way to remember what our Saviour did for us.

Mr. Harrison explained in an interview with B&B Media Group what his goals were for the Mark of Love Bracelet:
 "There are three main things I want to be 
accomplished. First is that I wanted people to remember the sacrifice. I wanted to unite people—Christians (no matter the denomination) and even people of other worldviews—on one common message: LOVE. The love that Christ preached in particular. With so many books out there and theological debates on who’s right and who’s wrong, sometimes we forget the simplicity of Christ’s main message: LOVE. I figured that no matter what one believes, they can’t deny that selfless love can change the world… and sometimes we need a reminder of that. So I coined the phrase “Remember Love” to be printed on the bracelet. The second thing is that I wanted people to emulate the emotion. I wanted it to require the wearer of the product to engage in conversation about the love of Christ (and hopefully show that love to others) instead of just letting the product talk for them. I felt that if this was done properly it could force people into intentional situations where they were able to demonstrate their faith. If I was a non-believer and I saw someone wearing an obvious Christian product, I doubt I would ask that person about it because I would already know what they were going to say. But, if I saw this, I would want to know what it was. It sparks curiosity… and in turn that curiosity may open some doors for people to share the love of Christ with others. Finally, I wanted it to inspire people to change the world around them. I decided to find a cause to support through the sales of the bracelet. There was no reason for me to keep all the profits for myself. I wanted to be able to give back and share the proceeds somehow. I researched and prayed and petitioned God on what ministry to support and God led me to Living Water International. I knew I wanted to help fight malnourishment in one way or another and providing “Living Water” seemed to fit the purpose of the product—using “love” to mend. That’s what it’s all about and this product allows that to happen on a global scale."

As mentioned above, you  help contribute to bring clean water to people who live in areas without good  water.  Over a billion people do not have clean drinking water and a portion of the profits from the bracelet will go to Living Water International.

A perfect Christmas gift, the Mark of Love bracelet is $9.99 with free shipping.  It is also stretchy allowing the bracelet to fit most wrists.

Visit the Mend| The Mark of Love website to learn more about the bracelet, the clean drinking water program, or how to get your own Mark of Love bracelet.

Special thanks to Audra Jennings from B&B Media Group for sending me the two Mend|Mark of Love bracelets to review with one to giveaway.

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