Saturday, December 11, 2010

Of Snow and Cleaning

I've got the kitchen mostly tidied, just need to wipe down the table.  Then it's just the bathroom and living room left.  We keep the Sabbath on Sundays and I love being able to rest in a clean house.  Saturdays are my cleaning days though that sometimes doesn't happen.  

We have our tree up and the rest of the decorations are still in boxes awaiting their turn to be put in proper places.  I'm not that much into Christmas, though I do love celebrating our Saviour's birth.  Even if it isn't His proper birth date I think it's important to set a day aside to remember our Saviour coming into this world as a man to save us from eternal punishment.  

Right now it's raining out, melting the snow on the ground.  We're supposed to get freezing rain later tonight and then more snow the next several days.  The children's program at church is tomorrow night, but if the rain freezes there is a good possibility that we won't have it. 

Can you all please keep my Mom in your prayers?  She isn't feeling very good (possibly a stomach bug).  Thanks


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