Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trip to North Carolina, Part 1

Keith and I had loads of fun visiting with Grandpa and Grandma this past week.  We only get to see them about twice a year, so this was quite a treat.  

On Friday after Thanksgiving (yes, Black Friday) Mom, Keith, and I headed to Plain City, Ohio.  I drove about 2/3 of the way and even drove on the interstate for the first time (yay me!).  There were very few cars on the road which was sort of surprising, seeing as it was Black Friday and all, but I guess everyone went to the "big" cities.  We arrived at Great Grandma's around 10:30 and got to visit with cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. they we rarely get to see.  

Played Bible Apples to Apples

We love going to Country Farm Market (a bulk food store) each time we go to Plain City.  I love the sharp white cheddar =)

Then we headed to my Aunt's house in Columbus to stay the night.

There she fixed us a lovely dinner of curried chicken with rice, kale, and sweet potatoes.

We forgot that "The Game" or Ohio State vs. Michigan was the Saturday we were in Columbus.  We had to drive through the sea of red dotted with yellow. 


Then we were off again the next morning to Beverly, Ohio to stay at my grandparents' friends' house.  Their home is actually an old store front is so nice inside.  My camera was being a pain so the pictures aren't the best.

Their living room

I loved their ceiling

Crystal set



Spice cabinet that the lady made.  Both the wife and the husband are wood workers, so their home was filled with different things they have made over the years.

There was a lock near the friends' home in Beverly and we walked down to the river to see it.

More to come later!


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    I just thought I would let you know that I love your blog. It is so encouraging and inspiring! I am going to become a follower. :D
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  2. I'm glad you like it =)



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