Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good Finds Friday

What a week!  I shared a few days ago what was going on so far this week.  Wednesday was Grandma's viewing and yesterday her funeral.  We're sad, yes, but it's comforting to know that she's no longer in pain and is enjoying her new and perfect body.

It's been crazy weather wise around here too.  Not too long ago we were near 60* and this past week we've had freezing rain and rain.  Last night we got a couple of inches of snow and a chance of thunderstorms on Sunday!

How to do an Egg Shampoo ~ Mrs. Coglan

Raspberry Lemonade Punch~Mennonite Girls
Grandma's Banana Cream Pie~Raising Homemakers

You Are Loved {Republished}~Miss Amanda
The Love Letter~Miss Rachelle
Dear Single Sisters... ~Miss Nicole
A Post for Daughters ~Miss Breezy
When Christians Should Judge One Another~Mrs. Kelly
That's One for the History Books~Miss Bailey
Uncovering the Truth About Modesty (Part 1)~Sowers of Hope

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