Friday, March 11, 2011

Good Finds Friday

Once again we're back to Friday.  We've been teased a little with 50* weather and then yesterday it snowed!  Hopefully the spring-like weather will be here to stay before too long.

Our family has been passing around a cold the past couple weeks.  I had it about a week or two ago and now Mom and Dad have it.

Here's my 'good finds' from the past several weeks.

~Little Bag Sewing Tutorial~ Mrs. Brookshire
~Tiered Petticoat/Skirt Tutorial~ Miss Jessica

~Non-Toxic Cleaners You Can Make at Home~ Mrs. Karen
~Better, Cheaper, Safer 4-Way Soft Scrubber~ Mrs. Kaufman

In the Kitchen
~Sweet Potato Chips~ Miss Emily
~Monkey Business~ Marie-Madeline
~Chicken Cordone Bake~ Mennonite Girls
~Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies~ Mennonite Girls
~Pishky~ Mennonite Girls
~Peanut Butter Pie~ Miss Emily

~7 Gardening Lessons from a Novice Gardener~ Mrs. McClements
~Vermiculture: Getting Started~ Mrs. Amy
~Gardening 101 Series and Heirloom Seeds~ Mrs. Stephanie
~Selecting Seeds for Garden Success~Mrs. Stephanie

~Mommy Guilt and Other Female Insecurities~ Miss Tiffany
~His Future Wife~ Miss Elisabeth
~Why Young Women Are Exposing Themselves (Part 1)~ Sowers of Hope
~Why Young Women Are Exposing Themselves (Part 2) ~ Sowers of Hope
~Our Comfort Zone~ Miss Chloe Jane
~Keep it Open~ Miss Rachelle
~I Understand Now~Miss Chantel
~Make Your Bed to the Glory of God~Mrs. Courtney
~What it Means to Love...~ Miss Johanna
~The Heart of the Matter~ Miss Kelsye
~Regaining the Vision~ Miss Shani
~Don't Revere the Pioneer~ Mrs. Eva
~Are You Beautiful?~ Miss Kelsye

~Guest Post: A Pregnancy Story~ Mrs. Rachael
~Spring Blossoms~ Miss Livvy
~A Few of My Favorites...~ Miss Elizabeth

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