Thursday, April 7, 2011

Out and About

I seem to have a lot of 'Out and About' posts, I should probably come up with a different title.  There are many, many pictures in this post.  I tried to narrow it down to a couple, but I love them all.  I was hoping to get some 'spring-y' pictures, but it looks more like fall.  Enjoy!

Sledge Hammer

Dad's Sledge Hammer

March 2011 131

Back of the flat-bed truck.  Keith and Dad completely redid it this past summer, doesn't it look nice?



March 2011 123

March 2011 109

March 2011 108

March 2011 107

March 2011 106

March 2011 103

March 2011 102

March 2011 101

March 2011 099

March 2011 096

March 2011 093

March 2011 090

March 2011 089

March 2011 088

I love how clear the water is!

I can't forget my faithful followers =)



March 2011 081

Sam, something caught his attention

March 2011 070


March 2011 059

March 2011 061

The price you pay for kneeling while taking pictures


  1. Those are beautiful pictures!

    Just wanted to let you know I awarded you on my blog.

  2. Hello Ester,
    I just found your blog today and it’s great. I have really enjoyed reading your posted and finding more about you and your life.
    If you would like to find out a little more about myself please visit my blog:

    Well have a great day and by the way I love the photos you took you did a great job.
    Blessings In Christ,

  3. Thanks Hannah and Kelsie-Anne!



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