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Work Trip

I'm finally posting about our work trip that happened *ahem* a  month ago (though I still need to finish my NC trip that happened 6 months ago *blush*).  

We left after around one Sunday, April 2.  That morning we had Garment of Praise (an a capella quartet) come for our Sunday School service.  Then a carry-in after church to send us off.

Okay, back to our trip.  

Work Trip 001

Our fearless leader aka our youth pastor.  We split into three vehicles with Travis and his wife and son in the first car, the girls' van behind him, and the luggage/boys' truck behind us.

Work Trip 003

The 'girls' van (notice our matching shirts!).  We sang to Veggie Tales most of the way there.  Thanks to Amy for supplying the Veggie Tales cds and putting up with our wonderful singing =)

We arrived at Camp Inspiration Hills (just a couple miles from Wooster, Ohio) around 5:30.  After bringing in our stuff, Cora and I were in charge of supper.  The plan was to cook the hamburgers and pork burgers over the fire, which never happened.  It was too wet and windy to do it outside and Travis couldn't get a fire going in the fire place.  Cora and I ended up frying the hamburgers and broiling the pork burgers.  All was yummy in the end.

The cabin we stayed in was quite large:

Work Trip 012

Taken from upstairs, this is our 'living room'

Work Trip 074

Our supper tables (the living room was a huge room, so we set up tables for our supper and devotions in it)

Work Trip 076

This is the girls' bathroom.  With 9 girls and only one shower, we had to limit shower times and plan when everyone would take theirs.

Work Trip 082

The girls' room.  Some of the girls had trouble containing all of their stuff (Olivia, I know you're reading this!).
Sorry about the blurriness =/

Monday:  It was rainy and stormy most of the day, so they had us work indoors.  Our first project was to demolish an outdoor bathroom.  They want to use it as a storage room.  We had both girls' and boys' bathrooms done in two and a half hours.

Then we started tearing out the inside of an old cabin.  Cora, Erica, Jenna, and I had the pleasure of taking out dry wall (if you ever need dry wall taken out just call us!).  Once we got going it went pretty fast.  The only problem was removing the drywall near the ceiling; it kept falling in our eyes.

Work Trip 104

Work Trip 103

Work Trip 102

Where we removed drywall

While we were removing the dry wall, others were removing wood paneling through out the first floor. After we were done with the drywall, we started removing nails from the wood paneling (that was my favourite job).

Tuesday: The rain had stopped, so we worked outside.  The camp was cutting down ash trees and our job was to pick up brush along the trails and put it in piles for them to burn.  We picked up brush until lunch. After lunch it started snowing, so we went back into the cabin to work.

The whole upstairs had wood paneling and our job was to remove it.  We separated into teams and it was really neat to think of how we all worked together to get it done.  A group took down the wood panels and put them in piles.  Another group pounded the nails, so they stuck out the other side of the board.  Then the last group pulled out the nails and put the boards in another pile.

Work Trip 111

I was part of the pulling nails group.  This is a pile of wood with nails ready to be pulled, you can see the nails sticking up.

Work Trip 120

Amy pulling nails.  There were four of us pulling nails and we split into pairs.  Isaiah would come with a crow bar to pull out the nails that were stuck.  We learned that the cedar boards were impossible to pull nails from with a hammer.

Work Trip 122

Work Trip 108

Work Trip 107

Our stacks of finished boards

The guys were in charge of making supper that night.  The food was really good (they made breakfast), but the actual cooking part was dramatic and extremely exaggerated. =)  They didn't allow any of us in the kitchen.  Brittany kept track of their dinner dialogue and posted it .

Work Trip 042

Work Trip 040

Guys making supper

Wednesday: Wednesday turned out to be an exciting day.  We only worked half of the day and that was spent finishing up the cabin.

After cleaning up, we went bowling.  I haven't bowled in over two years and my score showed it.  My lowest was 52 with three frames of gutter balls. =)  In the last game I almost made it to 90, which was pretty good for me.  Then we played a round of mini golf.  I'm not a golf person and once again my score proved that.

Then we went to Der Dutchman (love that restaurant!).  We all got to eat at one table and had the family style supper.  There was a news crew there filming the restaurant, they even filmed our group.  Pam (one of the adult helpers), was fixing her roll and they had the camera on her while she was doing so.  She looked up and realized what they were doing.  She was so embarrassed that they filmed her 'making her roll'.

We were finishing up our supper and an older gentleman came over to our table.  I was expecting him to say something about our large group, but no, he said 'You know what I do when I see a group of pretty ladies?'  Then he started yodeling.  We were trying not to laugh because we weren't sure if he was serious or not, but we couldn't control ourselves.  After he left we found out that he talked to Chris (one of the guys) and said that he always loved getting young people riled up.  We were glad that we weren't hurting his feelings by laughing.

On our way to and from the restaurant we drove through Holmes County.  It was so pretty seeing all the scenery and farms!

Thursday:  Thursday turned out to be pretty interesting also.  Travis, Erica, Cora, and I went into the cabin to remove insulation, while the others picked up brush.  We had removed most of the downstairs insulation the day before so we went upstairs.  We found several mouse nests, mouse skeletons, and the sorts, but other than that all was going well.  Travis also found a squirrel skeleton in his room and we started joking about a live squirrel being in there also.

Work Trip 158

The dead squirrel

We all went back to work and then we hear Travis holler (Travis never hollers).  He had found a live squirrel in his room!  It didn't really look like a squirrel though.  It had the colouring of a mouse, the markings of a chipmunk, and was built sort of like a squirrel.  We called him Meryl the Sqousemunk.  After that Travis came and worked in our room, so no one was working alone in case Meryl decided to show himself again.

Cora and I weren't tall enough to reach the insulation near the ceiling, so we let Travis and Erica do that. =)  It was funny watching them pull the insulation out.  They would take hammers and pull the insulation, then jump back all in one quick motion, in case Meryl wanted to show himself again =)

Work Trip 152

Work Trip 150

Travis and Erica pulling down the insulation near the ceiling

Then we pulled insulation from the room where Meryl was first spotted and found a bullet

Work Trip 146

We came to the conclusion that Meryl was loaded and had shot his other squirrel friend and was now coming after us =)

We only saw Meryl two other times and both times he ran away as soon as we spotted him.

Work Trip 145

Work Trip 159

Insulation piles

We finished the upstairs by noon and went out to work on brush.  By the end of the day we had cleared most of the brush along the main paths.  We all loved seeing the progress that we made throughout the day.  Though someone else wouldn't notice what we had done, we could see the progress.

After we were done working, we decided to put mud on our faces.  Thanks to Pam for taking the pictures!

Work Trip 193

Work Trip 183

Work Trip 174

Work Trip 164

Work Trip 160

Friday:  During breakfast we told the staff what we had done during the week.  It was so neat seeing their faces as we told them all that we had done.  They only have one maintenance man and what we had done in that week would have taken him several weeks, if not months, to complete it all.


During the week we had free time.  In the dining hall they had a game called PolyPong (cross between four square and ping pong).  It soon became a favourite among our group.

Work Trip 086

Work Trip 088

Work Trip 093

Work Trip 070

Work Trip 062

Work Trip 059

Work Trip 057

Work Trip 053

Work Trip 036

Work Trip 028

Work Trip 141

Work Trip 142

Most evenings were spent playing Dutch Blitz, Kemps, or Euchre.  Monday night we watched the NCAA basketball championship.  We were quite excited when we found out there was t.v. in our cabin, so we could watch it

Overall, we had lots of fun.  We all got to know each other a lot better and found out how much we were alike, some of us more so than others. =)  Our nightly devotion lasted around an hour and we had some really good (and deep) discussions.

On Friday we left between 10 and 11.  We stopped at Wendy's for lunch and arrived at the church around 2:30.  It was nice to see my family after being gone for a week, to wear clean clothes, and sleep in my own bed.

Thanks so much Travis and Brittany for taking us on this trip.  I think we each took something from the trip that has helped us in one way or another.

 Now to convince Travis to let us go next year....

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  1. I very much enjoyed reading that. I'm glad you had a good time!


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