Friday, July 8, 2011

Good Finds Friday

It's been a while since I've done one of these =)

~My Frugal Beauty Routine - Mrs. Stephanie

~Lessons I've Learned in Frugality - Mrs. Beth
~Gracing the Family Table - Mrs. Amy
~Planning What to Preserve - Mrs. Kate

In the Kitchen
~Baked Alaska - Mennonite Girls
~Mud Pie Deluxe - Mennonite Girls
~Milky Way Cake - Pioneer Woman
~Strawberry Sheet Pie - Mennonite Girls
~Healthy Snacks I Feed My Family - Mrs. Laura
~Scrumptious Chocolate Truffles - Mrs. June

~A Clean Heart - Miss Jenna
~Twelve Exemplary Men - Miss Rachel
~A Garden - Miss Leah
~Guarding Against Worldliness - Mrs. June
~Mothers and Daughters - Miss Bailey
~The Secret Weapon Every Homemaker Must Know - Mrs. Kelly
~Some People - Miss Hannah
~The Joy of Waiting - Miss Hannah
~These next links are part of a series that Miss Bailey wrote.  I really enjoyed them and hope you do too.
-Role Models and Peers
-The New Child
-Ms. Feminist
-The Inner Princess
~ The Beauty of Listening - Miss Julianne
~Not Just Dreaming-Doing - Miss Hannah
~Waiting for the Wedding Day - Miss Bethany Ann
~As Cornerstones - Miss Hannah
~Obsessed With Jesus: Obedience vs. Status Quo - Mrs. Lauren

~The Aging Process... - Ms. Nan

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