Monday, August 15, 2011

Steam Threshers {Part I}

Thursday is our driving day, so nothing real exciting happened.  We left the house around 11:30, stopped at Burger King for lunch, then drove another two hours, arrived at the cabin, unpacked, ate supper, then off to the park to look around for a bit.  

Most of Friday was spent back at the park.  I was able to find a purse that I actually like (yay!).  It's hobo-style and is patchworked (if that's even a word).  Friday night was the Steam Thresher's parade.  I promise I didn't take as many pictures as last time =)

A girl sitting beside us had a cockatoo

There was a front moving through and all of these birds (some sort of scavengers that I have forgotten the name of) were circling above us in the air drafts.  There were A LOT of them.

Cute father and son pic

Love the view of Isaiah in this

Marching Band

Love their outfits

The 'theme' tractor this year was the Cockshutt

Steam Powered Saw

Loooooooong line of tractors

Der Dutchman!

The REAL tractors!


A very small combine (you can see the guy's hat peaking out at the top)

Tiny truck

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