Saturday, November 19, 2011

10 on 10

Ten on Ten 002

Bagels with cream cheese and coffee//Breakfast of champions =)

Ten on Ten 004

I love playing piano.  I've already dug out my Christmas music =)

Ten on Ten 005


Ten on Ten 003

Ten on Ten 016

Fire in our corn stove.

Ten on Ten 007

First snow!!!

Ten on Ten 013

Making socks for a certain brother for Christmas.

Ten on Ten 012

The ironing pile is slowly disappearing

Ten on Ten 015

Really weird lighting (and cool socks)

Ten on Ten 017

Making supper//Gas stoves are so much better than electric, just sayin'.

Credits go to Rebekah for coming up with 10 on 10


  1. Love the pictures :-) And I completely agree that gas stoves are much better than electric :D

  2. Thanks =) We have an electric stove at work and it about drives me nuts lol


  3. I absolutely LOVE "the first snow" picture! The colors are so cool popping out behind the snow! Definitely adding you to my 'to look at often' blogroll!


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