Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

I love being home, all of us, with it snowing outside, the corn stove running, the smells of food coming from the kitchen, Christmas music playing.

It's been quite an unusual day, weather-wise.  'Oh, the weather outside is frightful' describes it perfectly.


This is the view out our front door around noon today

Here's what it looks like right now

This morning, it was just a bone-chilling rain.  Roads were flooded, yards were flooded, etc. you get the idea. Then as the day wore on, temperatures dropped and slowly things started changing to snow.  Since it was raining this morning, the roads are now incredibly slippery.  Coming home from town we were going about 20 mph under the speed limit and passed 3 cars that had slid off the road!

Our poor pine tree finally broke under the weight of the snow.    

Fresh snow makes everything a little cheerier =)

The boys are already out sledding and building snowmen 

What's it like in  your neck of the woods?

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  1. That sounds just like our weather! Thankfully no trees broke, but I remember one Christmas when our pine tree fell over :( It didn't really even break, it just fell over and uprooted itself!

    That song's been going through my head, too! The thing is, I don't know all the words so I end up just humming parts of it :D

    I love the snow!



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