Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas//Take Four

Yes, I'm still posting about Christmas, but it's the last one.  I promise =)

This year we decided to open gifts one at a time.  Hopefully we've started a new tradition.

December 185

We put the rest of Isaiah's presents in his tote so it looked like he only got one present.

December 188

December 167

December 178

December 186

December 189

Keith kept checking the same arrowhead book out at the library, so Mom got him one of his own.

December 192

Keith acting as if the tea kettle whistle was him screaming.  Don't ask =)

December 195

December 197

December 198

I have no idea what that is.  

December 200

December 205

December 208

Dad got a Cookie Monster shirt and pj pants

December 212

December 218

December 219

Keith's glass for making arrowheads

December 223

December 224

December 225

December 226

Love this shirt!

December 227

December 229

I got a crochet hook set with hooks from a steel 14 up through a K!

December 231

Sound of Music <3

December 232

How was your Christmas?

(Sorry about the weird lighting/grainy pictures.  I'm not really sure what happened...)

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