Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas//Take One

December 021

December 022

Sugar cookies with Peppermint Kisses =)

December 023

December 025

Keith's very gaudy Christmas sweater.  Some of the guys in our youth group decided to wear ugly sweaters for our youth Christmas party.  In the end we couldn't find a guy's Christmas sweater, so Mom took the tree off a women's sweater and put it on a man's sweater.  (Just thought I'd explain why he was wearing it, so you don't think he dresses like that all the time.)  Don't you like it? =)

December 030

Andrew before the kids' Christmas program at church

December 036

Andrew wearing my coat...

December 013

Keith wanted me to take a picture of him jumping Andrew and this was the result.  (No brothers were hurt in the taking of this picture =) ).

December 027

One of the newest people at church

December 042

December 044

Here are the only two decent photos I got of Andrew at church because...

December 041

...this is what Andrew looked like for most of the program *sigh*

More Christmas posts in the works

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