Sunday, June 24, 2012

Back {Again}

We've been so busy since my last post {almost 3 weeks ago!}.

Northern Indiana has definitely been feeling summer-y!  The majority of June has been hot!  It's not too bad right now (mid-80's), but we're predicted to hit 100 F by the middle of the week.  I'm going to try and get all the weeding and laundry done before the heat hits.

Right before we left.  We all decided to wear neon and surprise our youth pastor and  Brittany =)

At the beginning of June our youth group went on a work trip.  We went to Camp Inspiration Hills in Burbank, OH {near Wooster}.  It wasn't as long as our trip last year {we only stayed Sunday-Wednesday}.  We were able to stay in the same building that we stayed in last year which was a huge blessing.  During the week we picked up sticks, weeded flower beds, smoothed out gravel, but our big project was painting their garage.  We {Michelle, Brittany, and I} power washed the loose paint off the garage.  Then, all of us painted it.  It looked so much better after a fresh coat of paint, though we didn't =)  Wednesday night we still had paint all over our arms and legs, I even had a chunk in my hair.  

On Tuesday night we went to Der Dutchman, where we went last year just no yodeling old men this time.  It was a lot of fun and some of us ate a little too much.  A certain fellow from youth group decided to see how much he could eat.  His meal included 3 glasses of pop, 2 chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, 5 rolls with Amish peanut butter, a piece of butterscotch pie, a piece of peanut butter pie, and then a scoop of ice cream.  Towards the end he was rocking himself back and forth between each bite trying to get it all finished.  The trip back to the camp takes an hour and we were in the middle of Holmes county, so there are a lot of hills. We were all hoping he wouldn't lose his supper on the way home.

Once again Brittany posted about our trip.  You can see the pictures at Blue River Youth :)


This past week was VBS at church {tonight is the kids' program}.  The theme this year was IncrediWorld Amazement Park by Answers in Genesis.  I was able to go Thursday and Friday for the whole day, but only part days earlier in the week due to work.  I love working with all the kids and it makes my day to see them having so much fun.



It has been so dry around here lately.  There was a chance of rain today, but I think that has kind of fizzled out.  The grass looks like it does in the middle of July or August.  The crops are spotty and the corn leaves all curled up.  Even the trees look dry.  Right now our county and several others are under a burn notice due to the drought.  My garden looks absolutely horrible {besides needing weeded}.  I planted about 20 tomato plants and only 1 looks half alive.  My beets and green beans are looking really good, but I planted them 2 weeks earlier than everything else.  Out of 3 hills of squash only one has sprouted.  The carrots, peppers, and pumpkins are doing absolutely nothing.  

Central and southern Indiana are having trouble with West Nile due to it being so wet.  It's amazing the contrast in one state.  


An update on the Louisa May Alcott challenge.  I'm not even half way through Little Women.  I know it's not even July yet, but I was hoping to be farther along.  The next couple weeks should slow down a little until the fair comes {mid-July} then we get hectic again =)

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  1. I haven't heard of the LMA challenge. I'd love to get in on that. I'm nearl done with a very long book I've been reading and now would like to read LMA. Thank you for posting about that! Also, it sounds like your youth trip was a wonderful, fulfilling experience! What a beautiful bunch of caring kids!


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