Friday, June 1, 2012

Louisa May Alcott

2012 Summer reading challenge hosted at

Tarissa from In the Bookcase is hosting a Louisa May Alcott challenge this summer.  It runs now through August 10th.  You compile a list of books by or about Louisa May Alcott that you want to read, then read and post about them.

I never realized that there were three books (four if you separate Little Women and Good Wives} in the Little Women series.  In fact, I didn't realize it was a series at all!  So, this summer I would like to read:
~Little Women~
~The Good Wives~
~Little Men~
~Jo's Boys~

Those will be my starting point and I will probably add more as the summer goes on =)


  1. Thanks for joining the reading challenge, Esther! I was thrilled to know that you will be reading the same books as I am this summer.

    I've now made my way into Good Wives, and thoroughly soaking in every word. I had forgotten how much I enjoy Louisa May Alcott's writing style.

    Enjoy your reading!
    ~ Tarissa

  2. I've read 'Little Women/The Good Wives', and 'Little Men'. I liked 'Little Men' better.

    I've also read 'Eight Cousins' by Louisa May Alcott. That was a good one.

    I want to read her book 'An Old Fashioned Girl'.

    Currently I'm reading 'The Harvester' by Gene Stratton-Porter (Also the author of "Freckles" and Girl of the Limberlost. Both I've read.)

    Simply A Farm Girl

  3. I've never read anything by Gene Stratton-Porter, though I want to. She lived up around here. Several years ago we went up to her house and got to take a tour. It had a lot of the things that she used in it and was really neat to see how she lived =)


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