Friday, August 10, 2012

Quick Catch-Up

This summer has been one of my busiest that I can remember.  Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post.  I've hardly touched my camera this summer.

At the beginning of July, I was busy getting my 4-H projects around.  I ended up doing photography (black & white poster and colour poster) and baking (snickerdoodle muffins).  This was only my second time doing 4-H.  The last time I did 4-H was in 5th grade, I believe.  A friend convinced me to do it again this year and since it would be the last year I could do it, I went for it.  All my projects got blue ribbons, so that was really exciting =)

July 10th I celebrated my 18th birthday.  I spent most of the day at the fairgrounds waiting for my photography to be judged.  To me, 18 just sounds so grown-up, though I don't feel all grown-up =)  I have to sign my own papers at the doctor's office, I signed up to register to vote, I can now buy stuff from infomercials (not that I will, but I can =) ), etc.  Too old I tell ya, too old!

Around the end of July we finally got rain!  From the beginning of June to that time, we had only gotten half an inch of rain.  It was hot (90's and low 100's)  and dry.  The corn was curling, the bean weren't growing, the garden looked pathetic, and the grass looked like it usually does in August.  Harvest is still questionable as to what the crops will actually produce, but we know it's all in the Lord's timing.


The last full week in July, I went out to Pennsylvania with a group from church for BBI and Brethren Alive.  It was loads of fun, as always.  We left on Fri, July 20th and got back late on the 29th.  Hopefully a post about it sometime soon.  I'm headed back to Pennsylvania in a couple of weeks for Camp Meeting (my first time!).

The rest of my time is usually spent working.  I work at a grocery store owned by a family from church.  People ask me what I do there and I'm never really sure how to describe what I do; a little bit of everything I guess =)  The majority of the time I'm at the register and once a week I do grocery (sack groceries, carry-out, stock shelves, etc.).  Occasionally I'll work in produce packaging the fruits and veggies and setting them out.  For the most part I like it.  I get 2-3 days off, though I work Saturdays, and the hours aren't bad.  All-in-all I'd rather be home.  Someday I will, someday...

What has your summer been like?

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