About Me

I'm a 19 yo home school graduate living on a small farm in northern Indiana.  I live my parents and three younger brothers along with 20 or so beef cows, a dozen chickens, numerous cats, and a dog.  

I love living in the country and wouldn't trade it for anything.  

My family and I attend Church of the Brethren (BRF).  Here's an article explaining why we think the covering is Biblical and still applies today

I'm a lover of history, antiques, and genealogy.  When I'm not working I'm out in the garden, playing piano, knitting, or crocheting.  (Sewing and I have a love-hate relationship).

Some of my (un)favorites are baked beans, listening to people eat, the Industrial Revolution (don't ask), Christopher Columbus, and  sweet cherries.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions?  E-mail me at
farmgirl9412 {at} gmail {dot} com

I'd love to hear from you!